A small (not too small) Christmas present

This year, after a very chaotic Christmas, I decided to treat myself with something that was on my wish-list since years. I know, probably it’s not the most original present but hey, I’d rather have something that I love and wear everyday. As I usually do, I saved some money, went and bought myself the present (any resemblance with Samantha from Sex and the City here?) and ta-dah! I am a proud owner of a Tiffany necklace. I got the pendant¬†and the chain separately and combined¬†them together. The pendant is in size medium and the chain is in the small version of the classical Tiffany necklace. The length is the same as the original but I find it somehow finer. Material is Silver925 and the cost was 210 Euros. I recommend being very careful as the pendant is very delicate and can be easily scratched (that’s unfortunately the downsize) but that aside is a very classical and fine everyday piece.

Spring & Summer Accessories Inspiration

A hint of floral in Winter

The S√¨ from Giorgio Armani has been one of my favourite perfumes of all time (seriously, I would sniff if for an embarrassing amount of time at a beauty store). Is the perfect balance between warmth and sophistication and¬†I loved the original version since it was out until last week I randomly found this new little one¬†at a beauty store. Five minutes later I was happily walking out of the shop¬†with this¬†new fragrance.¬†The S√¨ Rose Signature¬†has the base of the original perfume with a note of floral¬†to it.¬†That’s what makes the perfume even more feminine and romantic without it being too strong. The scent changes as at first you may feel more the smell of roses whilst later it shifts to something more¬†woody¬† and¬†sweet.¬†I wear it everyday to University, one spritz and then rushing out of the door as I’m late, as usual, to lessons.


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