I have to admit it: I am all about the¬†de-cluttering hype. After reading Marie Kondo’s book (by now it’s hard to find¬†somebody who hasn’t) and seeing way too many times¬†The Anna Edit’s de-cluttering¬†¬†I feel the need of getting rid of everything that I do not need and try to live with less things as possible. Here I share with you the de-cluttering process and a little tour of what I am left with.¬†I am thinking of downsizing a bit more in the next few months… we shall see how I a getting on. Since then, enjoy the video and see you in my next post!  

Spring & Summer Accessories Inspiration

Transitional Weekend Getaway Skincare Essentials

Short weekend trip coming up? Or a getaway with your beloved half? Bringing the right amount of products can be tricky, especially if weather conditions are not the best and you¬†don’t even want to think about bringing¬†an¬†extra¬†ten kilos of cremes and bottles in your carry-on. I remember quite vividly those terrible days when I was traveling back home from University and didn’t know how to downsize my suitcase. It was heavy, uncomfortable and left my arms soar¬†because of the weight that I had to carry. Since then, I can say¬†that many things have changed and thankfully now I am able to pack a carry-on¬†using only what I need. Here are some essentials for a weekend getaway… …BUT FIRST: Minis & Samples There are many products that have they own mini versions¬†and if not, it’s time to use those samples that you’ve been given when purchasing¬†something else. Especially if going away for a weekend: you will finally use what you have and try out something new product that you may like! Using only one bag for Make-up & Skincare: Last year,…


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Healthy Muesli Recipe

I am always so thrilled in sharing some new recipes especially because as a student, I tend to find yummy¬†instant noodles… no comment I know. I’m bad.¬†But¬†of course, I’m even more thrilled in finding¬†out new easy ways of incorporating a healthier eating in a not-so-healthy lifestyle. Today I give you the healthy version of a Muesli bowl. You are gonna need: -A banana (half mashed) -Half of a cup of Greek Yoghurt (I used the low fat one) -3/4 of a cup of Muesli -1 Teaspoon¬†of Peanut Butter -A pinch of Cinnamon -The other half of the Banana (or some fruit for decoration) Instead of using milk, I switched for a cup of 0% fat Greek-Yoghurt, mixed it with half of a mashed banana and added a teaspoon of Peanut Butter.