Hi! My name is Justina and I am an Opera student studying in Graz, Austria. Probably not your usual cup of tea in terms of beauty or style blog, uh? I am here not only to share my ideas on¬†beauty, student life & travel but also bits of my¬†biggest passion: classical music. This is the little change that I am aiming to do in this little corner of the internet: share more about classical music and bringing it nearer to people’s everyday life. Don’t get me wrong, I still listen to Ingwee Malmsteen or¬†Black Sabbath on my Spotify, Alt-j is my favourite band and if you are in Rome in Summer you’ll definitely see me dancing at some parties to David Guetta’s music. And maybe will share that too, but more important for me is to give¬†even only a glimpse of what I love to do. Why? Because I think that this is worth sharing. ¬† JustineV. started as an idea on an evening in Graz¬†(that’s where I am living right now)¬†in the University where I was working, to pay…

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The Namibia Vlog & Tips on packing

After two crazy¬†months spent in moving, sleeping near boxes¬†and not having a normal life routine, I am finally back and bringing you the long awaited Namibia Vlog! A little bit of digression here: I booked the journey online through¬†a low-cost agency and went there during low season (January-March). The weather can be a bit unpredictable but it was sunny almost everyday. The only downside was¬†that during the Safari trip I¬†haven’t spotted any lion (they tend to gather to a water spot only during the dry season, during the raining one they¬†tend to stay away from roads or possible sight spots). Despite that, the trip has been one of the most beautiful experiences that I have ever made. Namibia is a beautiful, beautiful country that has a lot to offer: from wild Deserts to Savannah, from ethnic cities to swarming sea wild life. So here are my packing tips and a list that you can print and check before your next safari trip. Ready? Let’s start… You need way¬†less clothes than what you think. (For two weeks of traveling I used…


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One of my New Years resolutions has been to read more. I have been reading about¬†different subjects in my free time, cultivated some interests but stopped reading and going to museums nor concerts. I remember those high school moments where I had to bring thousand verses translated from Latin to Italian and would study whole nights. Those were very hard times but I¬†somehow miss them because my intellect was working: I felt somehow accomplished, enriched by the culture that I was learning and I really could feel that I was intellectually “active”. That lead me not only to understand the world better, have an open mind about different subjects (thing that I still have) but as well the capacity of understanding what is important in life and what is not. Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE make-up, styling etc but I know that that’s not the only thing on¬†what our lives (nor everyday “concern”) should be based on. We can aim for so much more and the best¬†things in life¬†do come from traveling, culture, discovering and simply being curious. In…