Bad Ischl & Salzkammergut Vlog

Last Summer I had the wonderful pleasure of working for the Festival in Bad Ischl, Austria. I’ve done a vlog on my quick trips on mountains and small villages but totally forgot to mention something about the small city where I was living. As soon as I started editing this video back home in Rome, Italy(ūüĖ§) I realized that I had no videos or whatsoever of the place where I was living for more than two months! So now you will get it: The Vlog of my Summer experience and a blog post about the nicest places where to go/eat in Bad Ischl. The food. If you are touring the whole region and planning on stopping here for a quick break than you should quickly head to Zauner. It’s one of the most famous Bakery in the region and the expectation lives up to reality: they have a wide range of traditional sweets and cakes and the food there is glorious. There are two of them in Bad Ischl, one in the centre and the other one 500m away near…

Spring & Summer Accessories Inspiration

Transitional Lip Colors for Fall

Maybe this post is coming a little bit too early for the taste of some¬†-for many fall means end of holiday season-¬†but take it as I have been working the whole Summer and here in Austria, it looks like rainy season has decided to come earlier, I thought of sharing with you today my top pics when it comes to transitional lipsticks (& a lip liner). Starting with the sheerest color I chose MAC’s lustre lipstick in¬†Shy Shine (link).¬†It was a Christmas present that my mom got from my brother and she didn’t like it so of course, the great daughter that I am, I snapped it and added it to my collection (I really don’t know how my mom does it, but she will wear only pink lipsticks whether that’s Fall, Winter, Summer or Spring).   But back to the lipstick. The finish is very sheer, slightly hydrating and gives a subtle hint of color if you want that natural no make-up make-up look. I like to use it as an everyday lipstick or apply it when I have…


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A few days ago I came back from a baptism in Castel Gandolfo,¬†a small town that¬†belongs to the region of¬†Castelli Romani,¬†south from¬†Rome. The whole region is very famous for its wine and delicious pork and I have been living there for the past few months because my parents were renovating our future apartment in Rome (Here the link¬†to that crazy & chaotic period of moving). A few months passed, we moved and then it was time to come back to the Castelli for the baptism of one of my many cousins (really…don’t ask me how many I have because we are A LOT!) and¬†this is what I decided to wear: Top: Michael Kors ( new collection here or similar here) Trousers: Mango (here) Bag: Chanel Woc (similar here¬†or similar dupe 1¬†and similar dupe 2) Shoes: Zara (similar here) [/left] The best part were the palazzo-trousers: light fabric,¬†easy to wear, satin material and elastic waist. It has been one of my favorite pieces to-go because¬†of its light¬†material (FYI, I bought an S and the fit is perfect). Generally Palazzo trousers with…