A few days ago I came back from a baptism in Castel Gandolfo,¬†a small town that¬†belongs to the region of¬†Castelli Romani,¬†south from¬†Rome. The whole region is very famous for its wine and delicious pork and I have been living there for the past few months because my parents were renovating our future apartment in Rome (Here the link¬†to that crazy & chaotic period of moving). A few months passed, we moved and then it was time to come back to the Castelli for the baptism of one of my many cousins (really…don’t ask me how many I have because we are A LOT!) and¬†this is what I decided to wear: Top: Michael Kors ( new collection here or similar here) Trousers: Mango (here) Bag: Chanel Woc (similar here¬†or similar dupe 1¬†and similar dupe 2) Shoes: Zara (similar here) [/left] The best part were the palazzo-trousers: light fabric,¬†easy to wear, satin material and elastic waist. It has been one of my favorite pieces to-go because¬†of its light¬†material (FYI, I bought an S and the fit is perfect). Generally Palazzo trousers with…

Spring & Summer Accessories Inspiration

A small (not too small) Christmas present

This year, after a very chaotic Christmas, I decided to treat myself with something that was on my wish-list since years. I know, probably it’s not the most original present but hey, I’d rather have something that I love and wear everyday. As I usually do, I saved some money, went and bought myself the present (any resemblance with Samantha from Sex and the City here?) and ta-dah! I am a proud owner of a Tiffany necklace. I got the pendant¬†and the chain separately and combined¬†them together. The pendant is in size medium and the chain is in the small version of the classical Tiffany necklace. The length is the same as the original but I find it somehow finer. Material is Silver925 and the cost was 210 Euros. I recommend being very careful as the pendant is very delicate and can be easily scratched (that’s unfortunately the downsize) but that aside is a very classical and fine everyday piece.


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