Opera Vlog #1

Hi guys! Today I am finally sharing my first Opera-like Vlog. I thought of doing something different this time: bringing you inside my everyday life as a student. Is still a bit of a work-in-progress but I am open to any kinds of suggestion! If you want, I could do more of a study routine for Opera. ANYWAY! I hope you will like the video & (of course) it would mean the world if you could subscribe to my Youtube channel!  

Spring & Summer Accessories Inspiration

Tips to help you save money for travelling

Ahhh the perks of being a student. Most of the time is a continuous balance between studying -or at least finding the concentration to do so- trying to have a social life and striving not to go minus on your bank account (been there, done that). But being a student does not mean giving up on travelling. There are many options for us poor mortals and if done in the right way, see the world is still a manageable thing. Here are my tips and tricks: Where do I wanna go? This is pretty much self-explanatory. You can get ideas from everywhere: catalogues, friends experiences, videos… I am dreaming since years of a wild trip to NY and decided that that’s my goal for this year. This brings me to the next point… Make a plan: Even thou some trips can come totally spontaneous, having a goal is always a good idea. Let it be: visiting one foreign country a year or an Euro trip for the whole summer, the sooner you decide and start planning the better. Usually, the…


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