I was never a relationship kind of gal. In fact, I’ve spent all my puberty alone dreaming about some random prince charming *ehm ehm Chris Pine ehm ehm* or some random pretty guy that had no idea I existed in school. Reality? Duh, who had time for that. After high school, I started university and *THANK YOU* started hanging out more often with guys. At first, now know what? I hated it. I just felt so obviously out of place every single time that I had to say something or to do something (probably thanks to my awful clumsiness) to just somehow please the guy in front of me or avoid some awkward silence. Then I had a fix relationship for a few years, broke up and started again to enjoy my freedom. Little I knew that the guy that I was about to get with would have been the one that I would awfully fall in love with. Now, I know that sharing these kind of information on internet is somehow scary because its personal, right? Well I don’t care because…

Spring & Summer Accessories Inspiration


One of my New Years resolutions has been to read more. I have been reading about different subjects in my free time, cultivated some interests but stopped reading and going to museums nor concerts. I remember those high school moments where I had to bring thousand verses translated from Latin to Italian and would study whole nights. Those were very hard times but I somehow miss them because my intellect was working: I felt somehow accomplished, enriched by the culture that I was learning and I really could feel that I was intellectually “active”. That lead me not only to understand the world better, have an open mind about different subjects (thing that I still have) but as well the capacity of understanding what is important in life and what is not. Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE make-up, styling etc but I know that that’s not the only thing on what our lives (nor everyday “concern”) should be based on. We can aim for so much more and the best things in life do come from traveling, culture, discovering and simply being curious. In…


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