Weekmas #2 is here! After trying to upload this video for the 4th time (I know, I really need to stop using my neighbours wi-fi and get my own one…)¬†I finally managed it at my parents house in Rome. In this video I’m sharing with you some exciting rehearsals with the university’s orchestra and finally a very long and overdone skincare cabinet clear-out. In this post I am going to share with you my tips on decluttering a beauty stash, whether you want to start being a minimalist in your everyday skincare routine or you are just confused on which products you should be keeping and which ones to discard… so let’s start. Throw away what’s expired.¬†This is a pretty obvious one so I am not going to ramble too much about it. Despite looking at the expiration date of the product that you are using, is generally better to throw away everything that smells a little bit funky or has a color which doesn’t look like the original product anymore… Am I using the right product for my needs?…

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Glossier has been one of the most hyped brands in the past year, maybe not that much in Europe as is still not shipping here, but in America, Canada and¬†(since a month) in the UK people are getting extremely excited about it. I have to admit, being the Youtuber¬†*nerd* that I am, I totally got sucked into the hype even thou the brand was claiming something that I would have never been interested into in the first place: to make your skin glossy for how hydrated it was. The ultimate Nosferatu for oily skin. That was the first thing¬†that came into my mind. The second one was: Why does it seem that the whole world has dry skin? And for us combos & oilys? After a few months of thought¬†and review reading I decided to place an order (because well, they have really cute makeup as well) and after giving it a good go, I can report back about the products worth buying, especially¬†if you have oily sensitive skin like me. I think its worth mentioning too that this brand…


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Hi! My name is Justina and I am an Opera student studying in Graz, Austria. Probably not your usual cup of tea in terms of beauty or style blog, uh? I am here not only to share my ideas on¬†beauty, student life & travel but also bits of my¬†biggest passion: classical music. This is the little change that I am aiming to do in this little corner of the internet: share more about classical music and bringing it nearer to people’s everyday life. Don’t get me wrong, I still listen to Ingwee Malmsteen or¬†Black Sabbath on my Spotify, Alt-j is my favourite band and if you are in Rome in Summer you’ll definitely see me dancing at some parties to David Guetta’s music. And maybe will share that too, but more important for me is to give¬†even only a glimpse of what I love to do. Why? Because I think that this is worth sharing. ¬† JustineV. started as an idea on an evening in Graz¬†(that’s where I am living right now)¬†in the University where I was working, to pay…