It’s been almost two months since I’ve been in New York and I have to admit it: I really miss this city! Shopping was amazing, let’s not talk about food of course but what surprised me even more was the people. I really didn’t expect to meet so many friendly and helpful new yorkers, of course some of them were not soooooooo nice and I had to bring out my italian temperament. Just to give you an example thou: the bus driver used to stop directly in front our house because “he wanted us girls to get home safely”Ā (how sweet is that?!).Ā  First of all shopping. No I’m sorry, I will not start this post by saying “let’s talk about food first” because I did not come to NYC to eat. Well, actually that too but let’s just say this: because I come from the motherland of yummy food AKA Italy, Rome, I did not feel the urge to put eating it as my n.1 priority (although everywhere and everything I ate was so delicious but I’ll write about it…

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Weekmas #2 is here! After trying to upload this video for the 4th time (I know, I really need to stop using my neighbours wi-fi and get my own one…)Ā I finally managed it at my parents house in Rome. In this video I’m sharing with you some exciting rehearsals with the university’s orchestra and finally a very long and overdone skincare cabinet clear-out. In this post I am going to share with you my tips on decluttering a beauty stash, whether you want to start being a minimalist in your everyday skincare routine or you are just confused on which products you should be keeping and which ones to discard… so let’s start. Throw away what’s expired.Ā This is a pretty obvious one so I am not going to ramble too much about it. Despite looking at the expiration date of the product that you are using, is generally better to throw away everything that smells a little bit funky or has a color which doesn’t look like the original product anymore… Am I using the right product for my needs?…


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Even thou I am not starting it the first day of the month, I still thought it was better to share more content on my Channel this December. This is just one of the many changes that I feel of taking in my life and the fact of giving more time to Youtube and my Blog just feels the right thing to do. This time I will be bringing you with me to a Krampus parade which is a very big thing here in Austria and it usually happens before St. Nicholas Day which is on the 6th of December. I’ve heard terrifying stories of people followed and hit by these tremendous masked people but, as I was sure, nothing happened here in Graz and it was all very cool to watch! The story is about these devils which go out of hell and get evil kids (remember the movieĀ The Grinch with Jim Carrey) and take them away from their homes… well this is pretty scary: kids areĀ TERRIFIEDĀ of them but from an outsider as me, is very funny to watch…