It’s been almost two months since I’ve been in New York and I have to admit it: I really miss this city! Shopping was amazing, let’s not talk about food of course but what surprised me even more was the people. I really didn’t expect to meet so many friendly and helpful new yorkers, of course some of them were not soooooooo nice and I had to bring out my italian temperament. Just to give you an example thou: the bus driver used to stop directly in front our house because “he wanted us girls to get home safely”¬†(how sweet is that?!).¬†

First of all shopping. No I’m sorry, I will not start this post by saying “let’s talk about food first” because I did not come to NYC to eat. Well, actually that too but let’s just say this: because I come from the motherland of yummy food AKA Italy, Rome, I did not feel the urge to put eating it as my n.1 priority (although everywhere and everything I ate was so delicious but I’ll write about it later!).


Stop n.1 was¬†Glossier’s Showroom¬†on Lafayette Street. There were many people but being there with one of my best friends, made the experience much fun: we tried everything, smelled everything that had to be smelled and in the end, I left the shop with a bad full of goodies. The personal was super helpful and it was so funny and hilarious to watch tourists as myself coming from the entire world, calling in store their friends or young nephews (yes, old dads and mothers were dragged there too) to ask them whether they wanted that¬†Balm dotcom in Mint or Cherry.

Stop n.2 was Sephora. As most of you know, we have Sephoras in Europe too but they probably don’t even have 1/3 of all the brands that are available in the USA. Because of this, that’s where I made most damage: I bought¬†eeeeeverything!¬†(So much stuff that I still feel guilty but let’s not talk about that either!). I was very happy to try out brands like Drunk Elephant, Tatcha or Tarte and soon you will be definitely seeing some reviews on my blog.

Stop n.3,4,5,6¬†were Aritzia, Free People, Madewell, Away & Whole Foods: there I almost didn’t buy anything and will share the haul in one of the next videos.

I will admit that there was a lot of walking involved, the Subway was our first choice to travel and we never had problems. Every time we wanted to stop somewhere we just did, the food that ate, even in the smallest kiosk was extremely delicious! Big shout out to Agave for Brunches, Two Hands for Brunch&Lunch and Levaine cookies for… well the best cookies in New York!

One of the greatest highlights the last day was the visit at the MoMa. The exhibitions were very interesting, inspiring (I am actually writing my thesis in Musical Aesthetics and much of what I have seen has been extremely helpful!) and I had the luck that my friend with whom I went out is an art critic so she kindly explained everything to me. 

On a last note, the nightlife: one night I went to hear Jazz music (big shout out to the Small Jazz Club) and the next one, me and my friend went to a secret pub (apparently, they are not that much of a thing in NYC anymore but it was still much fun!).


Nevertheless to say that NYC will stay in my heart and I cannot wait to go back there another time! Until then I will leave you with a VLOG about what I’ve been up to and next will be coming a NYC Haul, only for you!

Have you been to NYC? What did you like most? Where did you prefer to shop?



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