Weekmas #2 is here! After trying to upload this video for the 4th time (I know, I really need to stop using my neighbours wi-fi and get my own one…) I finally managed it at my parents house in Rome. In this video I’m sharing with you some exciting rehearsals with the university’s orchestra and finally a very long and overdone skincare cabinet clear-out.

In this post I am going to share with you my tips on decluttering a beauty stash, whether you want to start being a minimalist in your everyday skincare routine or you are just confused on which products you should be keeping and which ones to discard… so let’s start.

  • Throw away what’s expired. This is a pretty obvious one so I am not going to ramble too much about it. Despite looking at the expiration date of the product that you are using, is generally better to throw away everything that smells a little bit funky or has a color which doesn’t look like the original product anymore…
  • Am I using the right product for my needs? Why did I buy this item? I used to keep a ridiculous amount of creams and moisturizers in my beauty stash *just in case*. Needless to say, since I threw/gave them away I never looked back. If everyone is using a particular product, it doesn’t mean that it has to work for you too. Keep it real, keep it simple.
  • Organize what you have and make it easy to reach and aesthetically pleasing to look. The second part may sound a bit shallow but in fact, chances are that I am going to enjoy my routine more if everything is in the right place and looks tidy and clean. My products are positioned in a strategic way too: in front are the things that I’m using daily, one shelf up are the things that I use monthly (like masks and some fancy hair products) and above just a few products that I like to use more rarely. Under the sink I like to keep back-ups and other bits that I am not needing at the moment.
  • Give everything a good clean. Whilst all your products are tossed somewhere away and waiting to be put back, do clean and sanitize your cabinet. Chances are, that is not that clean as it looks!

And that’s all! The most exciting thing is that tomorrow I’m leaving for New York! I still can’t really believe it… but this means only one thing: more shopping for beauty bits for me! Just joking, although a Sephora haul will be up very soon…

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