Glossier has been one of the most hyped brands in the past year, maybe not that much in Europe as is still not shipping here, but in America, Canada and (since a month) in the UK people are getting extremely excited about it. I have to admit, being the Youtuber *nerd* that I am, I totally got sucked into the hype even thou the brand was claiming something that I would have never been interested into in the first place: to make your skin glossy for how hydrated it was. The ultimate Nosferatu for oily skin. That was the first thing that came into my mind. The second one was: Why does it seem that the whole world has dry skin? And for us combos & oilys?

After a few months of thought and review reading I decided to place an order (because well, they have really cute makeup as well) and after giving it a good go, I can report back about the products worth buying, especially if you have oily sensitive skin like me.

I think its worth mentioning too that this brand is not cheap, it’s not highly priced but it’s still not your usual high street cup-of-tea-brand. The formulation of the ingredients is very good and the packaging is even cuter, but if you are a student on the budget like me, just stick to what you need and know you will use, instead of risking buying things just because they look cute (#beentheredonethat).

The Balm dotcom. (yes!)

This is one of their nicest products: a very thick tinted vaseline that’s great for hydrating your lips (if you need other parts of the body too, but I honestly wouldn’t because there is not a lot of product). I bought the rose one and really like it. It’s not one of my favorites just because I know I will get tired of the scent but I can’t wait to try more of them. The formulation is very thick, similar to the Nuxe Reve de miel balm or the Cicaplast balm from La Roche Posay. 

The Super Pure Serum. (almost a yes)

I have extremely sensitive, combination skin so I expected this product to be my new holy grail. Instead I am still trying to make up my mind about it. I read on the website that most people noticed redness reduction within a week and for that I can reassure you: it works! But oily wise, my skin has gotten worse and I still don’t understand if it’s due to my hormonal issues or the serum itself. I will be flying to New York in December and will buy some Drunk Elephant skin care, maybe it works better for acne prone skin! The battle is still going on…

Those were the only two things that I got skincare wise. I was very temped to try out the masks or some other balm trios but because I am sticking to the rule “use what you have” I decided to buy more make-up. Here I will list everything from my least favorite, to the one that I like most.

The Perfecting Skin Tint (🤔)

It was quite some time that I was looking for something to replace my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua or the Chantecaille Skin Tint that I have in my make-up stash and thought of giving the perfecting skin tint a go. At first I was put off by the idea because so many reviews on internet described it as “too sheer, no coverage and makes the skin look and feel very glossy” (AKA greasy for us oily-es) but decided to make up my own mind about it anyway, bought it and started using it. The verdict? Not that great if you don’t have already a perfect skin. Even thou I love the idea of a skin tint that evens out the skin tone and makes you glow like nobody’s business, I just don’t understand why it has to be so sheer and not cover anything. I know, they have a concealer too but even that is extremely moisturizing and not the type of thing that I would use on my breakouts.

The Stretch Concealer (yes! for those dry under eye patches)

The stretch concealer has become one of my favorite products lately. I have been looking for something to hydrate my under eye area and wasn’t totally satisfied with the options that I had. They were either too drying, no coverage, some of them I found out later on being just highlighters.. (yes YSL touche eclait, I’m looking at you *ehm ehm*). Then arrived this great concealer and I could not have been happier! It’s very hydrating and gives a great natural finish although I always set it with a powder because it tends to crease. I would never use this on my spots or breakouts because its way too hydrating.

The Cloud Paint (yes!)

This goes in the top 3 of the things that I would buy at Glossier. I have the shade Puff but cannot wait to get my hands on Haze and Dusk. Dusk is probably the most-hyped shape: the most neutral and subtle but I can assure you: every shade looks extremely natural. The effect it gives is simply beautiful: it looks like you’ve been outside in the cold and your cheeks natural flushed. The only downside is that it’s effect does not last that long and must be re-applied every 4 hours or so.

The Boy Brow (yes!)

Very similar to the Brow Gel from Benefit, the Boy Brow is the quickest and easiest way to get thick, nicely brushed eyebrows. I use the color blonde and like it way more than the Benefit one because when I want to use the latter, I always have to weep a lot of product away and to try to look as natural as possible. I’m just not into exaggerating my look, I want to enhance my natural beauty and the Boy Brow is the best product to use for that. I cannot wait for America to stock up!

The Pink Pouches & The Sweater (yes but as a splurge)

Well you probably didn’t expect that, uh? But know so many people kept talking about how comfy is this sweater that the couch potato in me said “Yes, of course you need another sweater”  and this time I have to admit it: I was right. The Glossier one is the most comfortable sweater that I have ever tried: basically a very soft blanket made of Polyester & Cotton but cozy and cashmere-ish. It doesn’t look that flattering on me but it does the duty at home or when I can’t be bothered to dress up nicely for university. That’s why I put it into the splurge category, if you have already a very nice cozy sweater then you do not need this one.

they are very handy when it comes to traveling. A few years ago I stumbled upon the Anya Hindmarch in-flight travel case (I know, it’s expensive and that’s why it stays in my wish list for when I’m going to be a superstar who’s able to afford it *yes keep dreaming about it girl*) but in the end these get the job done: I can easily spot where is my make-up, they look very cute and are pretty cheap.

In these days Glossier is having 20% off for black Friday and I will leave a link too where is possible to get an extra 20% off (so 40% in total!) and free shipping (that’s a code that I got through my last purchase) so feel free to use it if you need!

… & now I am going to plan my winter capsule wardrobe: today I went shopping for five hours and didn’t buy anything (what’s going on with me?!) but instead tried and put things back. This is the ultimate proof that I am becoming a smart consumer (or just a very poor student ahah).

Have a lovely day ♡


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