A day in Rome…

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Is where time stops and you find yourself walking back in time: on one side of the street you see the classical embellished buildings of the 20th century and on the other side monuments that the romans built centuries ago. But Rome is not only beautiful for its culture nor its food, Rome is an amazing city to live in. I was born and raised up here, ride an old fiat 500 or the typical motorbike that everyone has (no, it’s not a Vespa… in Rome they are not very in trend nowadays) and studied, like many many teenagers here, Latin and Ancient Greek. Sometimes I hear people asking whether I take it for granted the fact that I live (or used to live actually) in a place so rich with culture but let me tell you, nobody takes such beauty for granted. Here in this post I going to share with you the things that generally locals do on a free day.


7.00am Walk in the park

That is something that almost everyone in my family does: they wake up early-ish (around 7.00am) and bring the dogs in the park. My mom usually goes jogging and brings her phone with her to chat either to me (when I’m in Austria) or other members of the family whilst my stepfather walks slower with the dogs.

8.00am Cappuccino & Cornetto

We don’t have crazy breakfast and the only time in the day that we drink Cappuccino or anything more than that is in the morning. Coffee after lunch is an espresso and you can have the biggest variety of espressi: with hot or cold milk, in a glass cup, in a ceramic mug etc etc. I have to admit that sometimes I drink a Cappuccino in the afternoon too or an American coffee (that’s a Lungo in Rome) but never after a meal. Why? Because it would ruin the taste of lunch.

9.00am trip or errands

Generally on weekends, many people decide to leave the city (for the beach or countryside) or run some errands like shopping or meeting friends. Because my time in Rome is always pretty limited, I prefer spending it in the city centre with a friend, trying out new food spots or have a look at my favorite shops. One of my last finds is a healthy restaurant called Ginger Sapori.Last time I ate a great (and huge!) salmon & mango salad: very yummy!

My favorite shopping spots in Rome are:

  • Jo Malone
  • & other stories
  • COS
  • Brandy Melville
  • Sephora



Sometimes, when I’m not into shopping I just like to have a walk around: the centre has beautiful hotspots very close to each other.

The above are two of the most beautiful fountains in Rome: the Trevi fountain and the Fontana dell’Acqua Paola on the Gianicolo.

Because of traffic most of Romans travel by motorbike. I rode one too since the age of 16 but nowadays I like to drive the old Fiat 500. The beauty of the city is that you can always spot vintage rides now and then and the 500 is one of the most common.

Lastly, the best gelato spot in Rome is called Gelateria la RomanaDespite the fact that you get liquid white or milk chocolate in your cone, the flavors are not the typical gelato-ish flavors: you can get from “Old grandma cookie” to ” 1945 creme” and they are all delicious! If you are not the usual gelato lover, there are different sorts of Crumbles and Cakes to choose from. By many locals that is the best spot where to stop for a quick dessert in the afternoon or in the evening. Be ready to wait a bit thou: there is always a big cue although the service is very quick and your sweet tooth will not be disappointed!

With this post is going to be an attached vlog of my previous trip to Rome. If you want to see me shopping around in YSL, Valentino, Brandy Melville & Jo Malone, cozying with my dogs and eating lots of gelato (I actually went to the Romana!) just click down below.

And you? What are your favorite spots in your city?

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