Bad Ischl & Salzkammergut Vlog

Bad Ischl & Salzkammergut Vlog

Last Summer I had the wonderful pleasure of working for the Festival in Bad Ischl, Austria. I’ve done a vlog on my quick trips on mountains and small villages but totally forgot to mention something about the small city where I was living. As soon as I started editing this video back home in Rome, Italy(ūüĖ§) I realized that I had no videos or whatsoever of the place where I was living for more than two months! So now you will get it: The Vlog of my Summer experience and a blog post about the nicest places where to go/eat in Bad Ischl.

The food.

If you are touring the whole region and planning on stopping here for a quick break than you should quickly head to Zauner. It’s one of the most famous Bakery in the region and the expectation lives up to reality: they have a wide range of traditional sweets and cakes and the food there is glorious. There are two of them in Bad Ischl, one in the centre and the other one 500m away near the river (yes, the town is so small that you can walk from a place to another in literally 2 min).
The most typical sweet is the “Salzburger Nockerln” (and it’s really one of the most famous things here: I’ve been singing an entire operetta about them the whole Summer). The consistency and the ingredients are similar to a Meringue, you have to order it, they will bake it in 20 minutes and bring you the biggest place of dessert that you will ever see in your life. I would not suggest ordering it alone because for one person is too much!

Almost everywhere you go you will find good food. A special mention goes to K.u.K. for great food and amazing beer (the Augustiner Beer it’s¬†soooo good!) and for hamburgers Bj√∂rni B√ľrger¬†where everything is extremely fresh and hand-made.

The house where I’ve been living was extremely beautiful, the only thing that somehow ruined a bit the whole experience were the owners that kept coming inside the apartment where I was staying without saying anything because they wanted to check or take something that they needed from the apartment.

The Lehàr Festival in Bad Ischl. 

The main reason why I have been there was to sing in the Operetta Festival. It was a great experience and as I was previously saying in my vlog, very instructive: for the first time in my life I can say that I have worked very hard and understood what does it mean to be on the stage in a production dealing with hard situations, learning to repeat everything very quickly and just always give the best of me in everyday.

That’s what my hair went through everyday¬†

& this was the end result (costume, make-up & hair) of the beauty routine of one Operetta.¬†If you are interested in hearing what I’ve been singing the whole Summer, I will have a Spotify Playlist linked¬†here.¬†


I want to quickly mention the lake of Gosau (“See” in german means lake)¬†which has been the most beautiful place that I have ever visited since I am here, in Austria. The lake is small and lays on the bottom of a Glacier surrounded by woods. The only sound that you hear there is the one produced from your footsteps whilst walking and the wind blowing through the trees. Everything’s green and the water is so clear that you can see chunks of wood cut under water. If you are in the surroundings I really suggest going.

Some helpful tips. 

  1. Bring ALWAYS an umbrella. Even if you are going out for five minutes, you will never know if it’s going to start pouring down and trust me, rain and wind there is often very wild.
  2. Have a Swimsuit with you all times. Temperatures can vary very often and the region is full of wonderful lakes and small rivers to jump in when it gets too hot.
  3. Try the Augustiner beer and the Schweinsbraten (if you eat meat). Worth trying and the sweets as well. Do not feel obligated to try the Nockerln: that dessert is a commitment! (The Kaiserschmarren are heavenly too!).
  4. If you want to do some shopping try some of the knits¬†that they have: it’s handmade and very high quality.

This is what I have been up to this Summer. I did vlog the whole experience as well. Want to have a look? x

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