Transitional Lip Colors for Fall

Maybe this post is coming a little bit too early for the taste of some -for many fall means end of holiday season- but take it as I have been working the whole Summer and here in Austria, it looks like rainy season has decided to come earlier, I thought of sharing with you today my top pics when it comes to transitional lipsticks (& a lip liner).

Starting with the sheerest color I chose MAC’s lustre lipstick in Shy Shine (link). It was a Christmas present that my mom got from my brother and she didn’t like it so of course, the great daughter that I am, I snapped it and added it to my collection (I really don’t know how my mom does it, but she will wear only pink lipsticks whether that’s Fall, Winter, Summer or Spring).


But back to the lipstick. The finish is very sheer, slightly hydrating and gives a subtle hint of color if you want that natural no make-up make-up look. I like to use it as an everyday lipstick or apply it when I have brown smokey eye (it really does complete the whole look!). For a black smokey eye I suggest going for a nude with cold pink undertones. 

The second lip product is one of Bite beauty’s luminous creme lipsticks in Pepper. I bought last time that I travelled in America (unfortunately we have no Bite Beauty in the EU yet). At that time I used to have red hair and was all into dark nude lips (tip if you are a read head too: brick lip colors will look amazing on you!). After a few minutes of searching and trying different colors I opted for this one and I have to say: I wasn’t disappointed at all! It’s the perfect elegant dark nude, the texture of the product is dreamy (apparently is formulated with edible ingredients), the color is vibrant but not too excessive and is the perfect option if you are looking for an everyday work lipstick. I always get many compliments and questions when wearing it.


The last lipstick is as well the last entry in my nudes collection: it’s the Kat von D everlasting liquid lipstick in Lolita. Very raved from many bloggers this is the lipstick that I would consider the least nude of them all, not for the color but because the finish is everything but subtle. The ingredients make the product extremely long lasting – very similar to the Sephora liquid lipsticks btw. At first, it comes out in a creamy texture but after a few seconds it dries matte and because of its formula it can be very drying: always scrub and moisturize your lips before using it! I tend to go for this color when I cannot be bothered to do a smokey eye (lazy girl tip: emphasize your lips instead of your eyes if you want to make a good impression but have no time to get ready) or when I have to attend a particular event like singing in a concert: on the stage you have to have more make up than usual.


Lastly, the NYX lip liner in Pale Pink: very easy to put on on those *no make-up make-up*days. A very good combo is this color as a base and the Bite’s color dabbed on top; it looks very natural and flattering. This is the most mauve/pink of all of the colors that I have here and I really like it because it’s very adaptable with pink, mauve or nude lipsticks. I find it looks a little bit like the famous lip cheat in Pillow talk from Charlotte Tilbury.

So there you go, some ideas that you may add to your make-up shopping list. What’s your favorite nude lipstick? x

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