How to find your Style | #TheClosetFiles

How to find your Style | #TheClosetFiles

Today I am sharing with you the first of a three part mini-series in “How to find your style and build a Capsule Wardrobe”. I have been working on it for quite a while, tried to film it multiple times (but the camera kept refusing to focus me) and here it is!

  1. Inspiration: Use Pinterest, look for things that other people are wearing that somehow are appealing to you, magazines, books, photos: everything that you like and save it in one place. It could be a folder on your computer or an inspiration board that you have near your. The important thing is that you start understanding what you like and what you don’t.
  2. Ask yourself: which clothes would I feel comfortable in wearing everyday? Be practical and try to visualize yourself and how you would feel when you would wear that pair of jeans or that vintage dress.
  3. Find the Patterns. The more you will be looking for inspiration, the quicker your taste is going to evolve. You will realize that maybe some things that you saved in your inspiration board are not that appealing anymore. The important thing to do here is to look for patterns: colors, cuts, fits, everything that you see recurring is your own style and taste deciding that these are the things that you like most.
  4. Make a list and try it on to see if it suits you. Sometimes we decide for clothes that may not look that great on us, before settling on a cut or color, is always better to try it on first.



Here are some links/reads that cold help you:

The Curated Closet:

The new Garconne:

My Pinterest fashion board:

Mimi Ikonn Videos: and

Hope you enjoy and I will see you in my next post,


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