My name is Justina and I am an Opera student studying in Graz, Austria. Probably not your usual cup of tea in terms of beauty or style blog, uh?

I am here not only to share my ideas on beauty, student life & travel but also bits of my biggest passion: classical music.

This is the little change that I am aiming to do in this little corner of the internet: share more about classical music and bringing it nearer to people’s everyday life. Don’t get me wrong, I still listen to Ingwee Malmsteen or Black Sabbath on my Spotify, Alt-j is my favourite band and if you are in Rome in Summer you’ll definitely see me dancing at some parties to David Guetta’s music. And maybe will share that too, but more important for me is to give even only a glimpse of what I love to do.

Why? Because I think that this is worth sharing.  

JustineV. started as an idea on an evening in Graz (that’s where I am living right now) in the University where I was working, to pay some extra singing lessons. I was feeling more and more often the need of a place where to share my opinion about music, my love for traveling and simply how I was coping with being a student.

This last one is a chapter that has it’s own space on the blog because 1. I really LOVE being a student and 2. Seriously, all this huge “declutter, clear out & organization/minimalism” hype that we are reading more and more often about is just matches perfectly the lifestyle of a student.

Another thing which I want to share is my love for traveling. Discovering culture and learning new things is one of the things that I feel is most important in my life right now. I feel so lucky in being able to do so and I am glad if in a way or another, I can bring more curiosity and awareness to the world.

Lastly: Rome. I was born in this beautiful city and I lived 19 years of my life there and, when I come back home, I still drive my 125cc moped. It’s my hometown and I want to keep sharing the beauty of this city, the hidden places, the art, the food and the culture that comes within.

Hope you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoy sharing!




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