The Namibia Vlog & Tips on packing

The Namibia Vlog & Tips on packing

After two crazy months spent in moving, sleeping near boxes and not having a normal life routine, I am finally back and bringing you the long awaited Namibia Vlog!

A little bit of digression here: I booked the journey online through a low-cost agency and went there during low season (January-March). The weather can be a bit unpredictable but it was sunny almost everyday. The only downside was that during the Safari trip I haven’t spotted any lion (they tend to gather to a water spot only during the dry season, during the raining one they tend to stay away from roads or possible sight spots).

Despite that, the trip has been one of the most beautiful experiences that I have ever made. Namibia is a beautiful, beautiful country that has a lot to offer: from wild Deserts to Savannah, from ethnic cities to swarming sea wild life. So here are my packing tips and a list that you can print and check before your next safari trip. Ready? Let’s start…

  1. You need way less clothes than what you think. (For two weeks of traveling I used 5 tops, 3 bottoms, a pair of trekking shoes, a pair of flip-flops, two pullover and one jacket).

2. Choose cotton t-shirts to keep you fresh and neutral colored clothes that can get easily dirty. The best way to get close with wildlife is to choose colors which blend with the surroundings.

3. A hat, SPF 50+++ and a pair of sunglasses are going to be your best friends: sun in Africa is way stronger than what we Europeans are used to!

4. Find your own way of packing. In these past months there has been literally an explosion of packing approaches: problem solving cubes, magic folding techniques… it’s great that we get so many options but beware that many of them make you bring more things that you don’t need and may cause you even more chaos in the luggage! (That was packing cubes for me ndr). 

5. Monochrome is what makes you elegant without needing to think about what you need to wear.

6. You really don’t need that many beauty products with you. Africa is not a fashion capital and too much make-up (and I am talking about even a red lipstick) is just going to be out-of-place. See it as an excuse to detox your skin! That what I used for the entire trip:

On the plane: 

  • Lip balm and a moisturizer
  • Skin tint


  • Sunscreen
  • eye-cream
  • micellar water
  • eye-pads
  • mascara
  • skin tint & under eye corrector

7. With long trips wash your clothes with hands.

So these were my tips. I’m leaving you with a PDF of what I brought for my trip to Namibia too, just in case you want some guide lines.

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