One of my New Years resolutions has been to read more. I have been reading about different subjects in my free time, cultivated some interests but stopped reading and going to museums nor concerts. I remember those high school moments where I had to bring thousand verses translated from Latin to Italian and would study whole nights. Those were very hard times but I somehow miss them because my intellect was working: I felt somehow accomplished, enriched by the culture that I was learning and I really could feel that I was intellectually “active”. That lead me not only to understand the world better, have an open mind about different subjects (thing that I still have) but as well the capacity of understanding what is important in life and what is not. Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE make-up, styling etc but I know that that’s not the only thing on what our lives (nor everyday “concern”) should be based on. We can aim for so much more and the best things in life do come from traveling, culture, discovering and simply being curious.

In nowadays world where we are bombed by social media on how we should appear, on how we should have 37 clothes for each season or how we should eat only this or that. Taking a step back and letting ourselves into a more “intellectual” world can be liberating as we (re)discover values that we may have forgotten and, by doing so, we learn to decide with our minds what it for us important and what is not without following a trend. We should learn to be more in contact with the outer world and just by putting our phones down, even if we may feel somehow naked, to enjoy and observe the world around us. Some time ago, I started to leave my phone on Sundays in another room, on silence mode. I would leave the house, do my things and then come back in the evening to check my calls (some people may call it “Digital Detox”). But with leaving my phone somewhere, I would start doing something which was out of my everyday routine. After a bit, I decided to take a step back from technology: I would charge my phone in the living room not near my bed, buy myself a real alarm clock so I wouldn’t have to use my phone… all these little things started to make a difference. I felt somehow more relax, less stressed and I was able to enjoy the relationships that I had. In the evening, instead of scrolling my Instagram feed for the thousand time I would read a book or maybe watch a movie with my boyfriend.

And that’s when it hit me, I miss culture. The books that I have been reading in this past time were all about beauty or some easy-to-read stories. I have been obsessing about material things, instead of favoring something that is more important than that: relationships and culture.

A week ago I saw a very interesting video on how our generation is so saturated from phones and social media that we are unable to express our identity… I will link it here: maybe that can be of some interest to you too.

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