Transitional Weekend Getaway Skincare Essentials

Transitional Weekend Getaway Skincare Essentials

Short weekend trip coming up? Or a getaway with your beloved half? Bringing the right amount of products can be tricky, especially if weather conditions are not the best and you¬†don’t even want to think about bringing¬†an¬†extra¬†ten kilos of cremes and bottles in your carry-on. I remember quite vividly those terrible days when I was traveling back home from University and didn’t know how to downsize my suitcase. It was heavy, uncomfortable and left my arms soar¬†because of the weight that I had to carry. Since then, I can say¬†that many things have changed and thankfully now I am able to pack a carry-on¬†using only what I need. Here are some essentials for a weekend getaway…

…BUT FIRST: Minis & Samples

There are many products that have they own mini versions¬†and if not, it’s time to use those samples that you’ve been given when purchasing¬†something else. Especially if going away for a weekend: you will finally use what you have and try out something new product that you may like!

Using only one bag for Make-up & Skincare:

Last year, during a trip to¬†London, I bought a big beauty bag from Anya Hindmarch. It’s very spacious with a small pocket on the side and small different brush holders on the other. Since then, in order to avoid overpacking I use only this bag for both Make-up and Skincare.


As mentioned before, using samples can be a great idea. You will definitively have some eye-cream or face cream ready to use! Talking about make-up removers: make-up wipes? Micellar water? There are various options. I personally prefer micellar water & cotton pads because the idea of rubbing repeatedly¬†my eyelashes just doesn’t appeal me. I love my eyelashes!¬†(Note: Is just this whole rubbing thing that I don¬īt find very beneficial… I tend to use more removing product and apply it gently on the eye, wait for a few seconds and then wipe it out).¬†

Another thing which you will not want to forget is hand cream. Because of the cold, the worst thing that you can do is forget to moisture you skin. There are multipurpose creams that you can use for those dry patches (I like to use this one from Collistar).


During Winter¬†even people with oily skin get those annoying dry patches: it’s time to use a moisturizing tint. My favourite is from Chantecaille, but there are many high street dupes & BB creams. Most of the time there is no need in using extra powder: the cold¬†shrinks the pores on your skin making it appear more matte. By doing so your make-up will last longer. If you want to bring a powder anyway, I would recommend using it only in the evening as a touch-up before going out.


Minis of: shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo & (if needed) hairspray or volumizer. Many Hotels do already supply of such things but if you want your choice products, you can depot them in smaller containers and label them. I use these containers from Sephora and this label maker.

Proper Make-up

Eyebrow gel, lash base, mascara & hydrating lip stains are a must. I usually opt for a quick smokey- eye using one cream eyeshadow (my go-to is from Chanel or one of the Maybelline Colour Tatoos)

Tools & Extras

Tweezers, eyelash curler (only if needed), sponge/beauty blender to apply foundation, hair brush, bobby pins and clips (these ones from H&M are the bomb!). Your favourite perfume can be transferred in a perfume atomizer (a small liquid container made for travelling) and done!

All set for your getaway. In the meanwhile I’ll just go and check again how cheap are those flights to Stockholm…

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